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Solar heat system for slopping roofs

PV-T photovoltaic thermal collector/system is one kind of renewable energy equipment that could freely serve as cleaner and simultaneously provide solar thermal energy and solar power. This system can provide hot water heated by solar power and simultaneously improve the photovoltaic electricity loss of caused by temperature. The thermal energy could be used to heating the water and the air, which could provide application in showers, heated swimming pools, industrial pre-heaters, preheating of air, and etc.
A. Electricity supply for residential usage.
B. Hot water supply for the pre-heating of hot water equipment, heated swimming pools, industrial processing, and etc.
Features :
1. Cooling-down can improve the efficiency of PV and elevate the existing power conversion efficiency of PV for no less than 2.5%.
2. Shared frames, gantry structure and simplified system, working hours for erection, lowering costs.
3. Lower 50% areas of device space and obtain more than 15% photovoltaic efficiency with equal areas simultaneously, which appends no less than 40% of the conversion efficiency of hot water. Photovoltaic solar thermal water heaters

Applications for PV-T photovoltaic solar thermal water heater (both independent type and grid type are compatible)